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Welcome to Cambridge Family Dental! Dr. Angela Bauer Williams, your preferred Cambridge dentist and our excellent team are ready to make your visit relaxing and comfortable.

Welcome to Our Practice

At our practice, you can expect to be treated like family. It’s as though we are inviting you into our home–we hope you enjoy yourself. We are always looking for ways to make your experience better. What do you need? Are you cold? Would you like a heated aromatherapy blanket or a coffee? You deserve a family dentist who considers you a friend and not just a number.

Dr. Bauer has extensive experience in providing excellent restorative and cosmetic dentistry to the Cambridge area. She is so passionate about dentistry, she places great importance on continuing education in her field, going above and beyond Wisconsin’s yearly continuing education requirement. In fact, she is so committed to quality dental care that she was awarded Fellowship into the Academy of General Dentistry. This is an honor that has been granted to less than 5% of all general dentists.

Dr. Bauer was very compelled to help patients struggling with treatment of sleep apnea because some of her close family members had suffered. Sadly, she even had an uncle that passed away due untreated sleep apnea. Not long after, her father was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. So severe, in fact, that he stopped breathing approximately 60 times per hour. Unfortunately, he was not able to tolerate treating this potentially life-threatening condition with a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) because of the amount of pressure that was required to keep his airway open. That is when she began studying oral appliances that dentists can fabricate to help address this issue. Since then she has completed a mini residency in Dental Sleep Medicine at the prestigious Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. She now screens her dental patients for signs and symptoms of sleep apnea and many area sleep physicians refer their patients to her. They take a team approach to help patients that cannot tolerate or are not candidates for traditional sleep apnea treatment. She thoroughly enjoys working with the medical community to help sleep apnea suffers enjoy a safer, more restful night’s sleep that serves to improve their quality of life as well as their overall health.

With modern in-office technology including our intraoral camera and digital x-rays, your first-rate treatment will be carried out promptly and efficiently. In addition, Dr. Bauer provides sleep apnea treatment to help patients avoid grinding, snoring, and get a better night’s sleep!

Dr. Bauer, your genuine Cambridge dentist, will make sure you feel like family. See for yourself by scheduling an appointment today!

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    Angela Bauer Williams

    Your dentist in Cambridge, Dr. Angela Bauer Williams, was inspired to pursue her dental career as she approached her senior year of college. At an appointment to have her wisdom teeth pulled, her oral surgeon inquired of her major. Dr. Bauer mentioned she was majoring in biology with an art minor. Her oral surgeon stated, “You should become a dentist! You’d have the perfect combination between art and science!” And he was very right!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Fastest tooth filling anywhere! With only a 5 minute wait, I was in the dental chair. After Dr. Bauer did her work, I was on my way in no time."
    - David L. 2/22/2019
  • "Excellent Dental Clinic Friendly and efficient staff. Good explanations of procedures and aftercare instructions."
    - Fred K. 11/28/2018
  • "always great , friendIy always feel welcome and make it feel comfortable to get dentist work done Marc"
    Marc D. 12/16/2018

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